Popstars for Primary Schools

The Playground Craze uses Positive Pop Music to encourage confidence, resilience and kindness in kids.

Cool pop music, fun videos and live in-school performances engage students with important social-emotional skills, covering topics such as confidence, resilience, kindness, persistence, friendship and cooperation. The messages help students strengthen self-awareness and self-management of the personal and social skills encouraged in the curriculum.

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Bounce Back Everybody

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Live Shows for Children

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Positive Pop Music

The Playground Craze is not just about a one-off performance in your school.

We encourage teachers and parents to play our music all through the year. We don’t want to present a one-time incursion in your school and then disappear for the rest of the year.

The digital classroom resources (music videos, lesson plans and online courses) are designed to be a part of the children’s day-to-day lives – so they start to learn the lyrics and to absorb the positive well-being messages.

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Social & Emotional Wellbeing

Students learn life skills when they learn empowering lyrics.

In a pop-concert-like atmosphere, The Playground Craze uses street dance, pop music and comedy to build rapport with children. Students learn through music and storytelling how to build positive attributes in themselves by observing characters in ‘real world’ contexts of young people.


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